Practise piano with the songs you like
Track your progress over time
Share your plays with your teacher or friends

Free Access

Get free access to beta-version of pianotracker - no monthly costs or in-app purchases.

What you want

Import your own scores or one of the community driven public library

Pianotracker allows you to upload your own scores. Any score whether uploaded by you or a public available score is what others call an interactive music sheet with live-feedback about your play. Help to digitalize free-available music by contributing to a public library.

How you want

Intelligent tracking and scoring

Pianotracker allows you to play without any strict requirements to maximize fun. No matter whether you vary your tempo during your play or you don't hit the right keys - Pianotracker will try its best to not stop you while playing. Pianotracker tries to stay in the background but emphasizes correct tempo and correctness by implementig an intelligent and challenging scoring system: The better you play the better scores you'll get.


Friends, Teacher and Students

You can share your play with your friends, teacher or students. The receiver can replay your play on his very own piano. Apart from sharing with friends this enables teachers to give remote lessons which is perfect for students who don't have a teacher nearby.

Track your progress

Replay your own plays
Intelligent Scoring

Pianotracker allows you to record your plays and to replay them anytime you want (last 200 plays for each score). For each play you'll get insights about your scoring per measure!

Will pianotracker change the way we practise piano?

Teacher vs. Robot?

To make it clear. Pianotracker isn't meant to replace a teacher. There are areas especially like expression and feeling which no robot nor pinaotracker can teach you - you'll still need a human/teacher/friend for that! But 99% of the time we practise there's nobody watching your tempo, correctnes and accuracy. During that unsupervised practising lot's of errors can sneak in which are difficult to change afterwards. Pianotracker will help you to avoid these basic errors while be as unintrusive as possible.

What is a Beta-Version?

Pianotracker is still a beta-version. That means that it has reached a state where you can already use it for your training. But still - the site is under heavy development: all important features are there but some minor are still missing.
Currently only E-Pianos with MIDI interface are supported. IOS devices like IPhone/IPad need to download a special Web-Midi-Browser - OSX (Mac), Windows and Android based devices with a Chrome Browser are supported out of the box. Also there might be some known bugs which will be fixed - sometimes when the page freezes a page reload will do it - we're working hard to make it more and more stable - any feedback is welcome: please mail to: service [at]

To report a bug please go here: Report a bug


Pianotracker values privacy very high. Personal data like email, recorded plays and uploaded scores are not given to anyone and are well protected against unauthorized access.